Competition rules

Competition rules

The Curling Masters in Champery is open for 24 teams playing a round robin in 4 groups of 6 teams.


Each game is played over 8 ends. If the game is tied after 8 ends, an extra end will be played (during the round robin). If this end has no score, the team without the right of the last stone in the extra end wins the game.

In the Quarter-, Semi- and Final Games on Sunday in case of a tie after 8 ends, extra ends are played till the game is decided.


1 point will be awarded for a win and 0 points for a loss.

The best two teams from each group will play in the quarter finals, where the first ranked teams

will play the second ranked teams from another group.


The winners of the quarter final qualify for the semifinal; the other 4 teams are equally ranked in the 5th place.


The winners of the semifinal will play in the final for first and second place, the two other teams are equally ranked in the 3rd place.


There are no time clocks except for the semifinal and final games. Teams will be required to adhere to the scheduled game plan.

WCF rules apply with the exception that there are NO Time-Outs, even while there are time-clocks in use.



In the first round the two teams flip a coin for the hammer.

In the following rounds of the round robin the LSD will determine which team has the hammer in the first end of the next game.


LSD: After each game each team delivers one stone towards the home-end with sweeping allowed. Normal playing rules apply. The winning team will play the LSD first.The LSD in the last game counts for the hammer in the next game.


In the quarter finals the first ranked teams have the hammer.


In the Semifinal and the Final Games the DSC Average will determine which team has the hammer. The team with the better DSC Average has the choice of throwing first or second stone in the first end.


In the final if the two teams are from the same group, the team which was ranked first within their group has the choice of the hammer.


Stone colors

The team whose name appears in the top panel of the result board plays the red stones.


DSC Average

The DSC if the average of the LSDs played during the Round Robing Portion after the worst result has been removed.


All stones finishing in the house are measured. Stones that do not finish in the house are recorded as 185.4 cm (6 ft. 1 in.) Stones that finish so close to the tee that they cannot be measured are recorded as 0.0 cm.



Ranking procedure round robin


1) Teams will be ranked according to their win / loss record.


2) If two teams are tied, the team that won their round robin game will be ranked higher.


3) Where three or more teams are tied, the record of the games between the tied teams shall provide the ranking. If teams are still tied, the DSC average will determine the ranking.




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